Digital Strategy

To attract new customers, businesses need to have an online presence which is both impressive and informational. They need to be present on multiple digital platforms to make sure they are available where their customers are. Each business is unique and needs its custom digital strategy. While for some businesses, a simple website presence might be enough; others might additionally need to reach customers via an app on the phone. A small technology start-up would benefit more from being on LinkedIn than creating its YouTube channel. Presence on Social Platforms like Facebook and Instagram would yield more results for a Yoga Studio. With so many platforms out there, it is critical to figure out the relevant digital platforms for the business and prioritize. While it may be free to list on most of these platforms, maintaining your presence on each of them involves a cost. We help businesses strategize all aspects of their digital presence. Talk to us today!


┬áDo you have a website but can’t seem to get any traction? Or are you planning to get your business online but don’t know where to start? We can help. After understanding the nature of your business, we do an in-depth analysis of how your existing digital profiles conform to your business goals. We evaluate your existing online profiles and identify areas of improvement to drive maximum engagement for your users. Our services include recommending relevant digital platforms, re-thinking the website/app structure, suggesting new features useful for your business, identifying redundancies to make your website or apps more focused on your business goals, recommending the right tools to measure performance against stated goals.


We help businesses get online. User acquisition is a costly affair and hence, engaging a user thus acquired, becomes imperative. Our services range from designing the right structure for a completely new website/app to evaluating user flow issues with the existing digital assets, recommending additional features and feature-flow designs while weeding out redundancies or broken user flows, setting up your social profiles on platforms best suited for your business and fine-tuning your existing social handles for maximum user engagement.


The content on your website is the introduction of your business to the world. What you showcase on your website is what gets the users to engage with your business or drive them away. Introducing your business in an appealing, relevant and crisp manner can feel like a daunting task. We help businesses present their best to the world through our content writing and editing services. Our services include creating and editing business profiles on various digital platforms, writing new content for the entire website, editing existing content, additional text for new sections, among others.


We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to help your business be found and rank higher by search engines when users perform a search query. This directly leads to an increase of Organic Traffic (users who come to your website based on unpaid, natural rankings determined by search engine without the help of paid advertisements) on your website. The advantage of increasing Organic Traffic is that conversion rate of Organic Traffic is much better than Paid Traffic. Besides, it’s free because there’s no associated recurring cost of advertisements.


While getting online is an important first step, businesses must do regular evaluations of their online performance. Performance analysis enables businesses to take corrective actions proactively and drive better engagement for their customers. We help businesses set-up appropriate check-points to enable them to measure their online performance against their business goals. Regular review of key business metrics helps evaluate business performance standalone as well as against their peers and competitors.

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