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Are you still managing your business on notebooks or tedious excel sheets? Then, you understand the pain of maintaining business data manually and reconciling it at the end of each week or month. If you want to experience access to all the business-critical data on your finger-tips, anytime and anywhere, you’ve come to the right place.

A major hurdle in businesses moving away from the traditional pen and paper operations, to a software-based solution is the misconception that it will be difficult or that they do not have the right staff to make the transition. While it may seem overwhelming, moving your day-to-day operations to a software-based solution ends up saving lots of time and effort that is spent every day in maintaining the notebooks.

We specialize in creating custom software solutions for small and medium businesses that replicate their current daily operations and ensure minimum friction in making the shift. Our software solutions are tailor-made to capture their use cases, designing workflows specific to the business and capturing the nuances of their daily activities. They are specially designed keeping in mind the skill level of the operator so that it is easy enough for daily data entry and yet provides powerful reports and insights that enable making business-critical decisions. Our cloud-based solutions ensure that you have access to your business data and operations all the time without being physically present at the office.

From easing the pain of periodic reconciliations to generating reports that give actionable insights for improving the efficiency of your business operations, our tailor-made software solutions for small and medium businesses address all this and more. Talk to us today!

Business Finance Software

Find the right solution for managing your business finances. Software for managing business income, expenses, GST-compliant invoicing, GST returns generation, inventory management, employee management and more. If you have a business need that is not listed here, please contact us and will create a new solution designed specifically for your business.

Make your business GST-compliant. Manage estimates / quotations, create invoices, generate e-way bills, delivery challans.

Create Estimates for a prospective customer. Convert Estimates to Invoices in a single click. Track your pending dues.

Keep track of your stock. Get alerts when stock goes below a threshold.

Raise bills, get approvals, re-imbursements. Track pending dues.

Employee salary, advances, attendance, leave tracker.

Tourism / Travel Software

Software solutions tailor-made for the tourism industry. Whether you are running a small adventure sports center or running a big resort, we create custom software to run your business with ease and efficiency. If you have a business need that is not listed here, please contact us and will create a new solution designed specifically for your business.

Whether you are Scuba Diving Center or taking groups on Himalayan expeditions, water sports activities organizer in Goa or conducting organized tours in the North-East, our software solutions are designed to ensure you spend maximum time looking after growing your business and minimum time keeping your business operations in check.

Software solutions to efficiently run your Bread & Breakfast, Hotel, HomeStay or Resort. Keep track of current occupancy, rooms that need house-keeping, maintenance and everything else that goes in running a property.

Software designed for smooth operations of restaurant and eateries. Manage reservations, orders, billings, etc through a single software.

Calendar view to manage bookings and organize your day and clients.

Have another business need?

Contact us and we will understand your business and create a tailor-made solution mirroring your daily operations and workflows.

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